Tape the wall with tapes that give the ultimate professional look

Taping before painting a wall could prove to be highly profitable. It not only gives a neat look with clean edges but it also saves time with its efficiency.  A painters tape or masking tape is a pressure-sensitive tape made from easy-to-peel-off paper, mostly crepe paper.

It is available in different sizes and widths and also for various sorts of walls, ceilings and edges. This particular tape is mainly used to mask off the area that you do not wish to paint and give that fine finish on the edges.

Why go for tapes while painting

  • The hash 1 reason is that taping gives a neat professional look and that is what the tapes were discovered for.
  • While it takes a lot of care and time to give that neat look without tapes, taping can minimize the actual time spent on the entire painting process
  • Save baseboards and built-in cabinets from the dripping paint.

Things to remember while taping

  • Get high quality tapes for the right job.
  • A straight and neat line is all we want and so invest time to put the tapes in a straight line.
  • To ensure that there is no gap between the tape and the wall surface, continuously press down while installing the tape. Gaps will allow the paint to pass underneath the tapes.
  • Usually, it is about 24 to 48 hours before it completely sets in. So paint or peel them off accordingly.

Other than painting these tapes can be used for labeling, wrapping, and fixing and repair works.