What happens in hot stone lava sessions

Once the whole body relaxes from the light pressure and smell of the essential oils, the stones are taken from their boiling pools, before being slowly placed along the back starting from the sacrum (upper pelvis) to the nape of the neck. . With the arms along the body, hot stones are then placed in the palm of the patient’s hand, then on the legs and feet and finally on the quadriceps. Each stone stimulates the “chakras” and relaxes the muscles, bringing the patient into a state of deep relaxation, while he is strongly stimulated with the positioning of each new stone. It is also possible to slide the stones under the body of the person being massaged for an enveloping sensation of warmth spa in Bellevue, WA

While the stones heat the different sensitive areas of the body, the patient is gently massaged with other hot pebbles on the rest of the body.

For the remainder of the session, the massaged person is asked to gently turn over on their back and the stones are placed on their stomach and face. the massage continues on the legs, arms, face, neck and belly. A session lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half.

The temperature of the stones must be determined based on the patient’s sensitivity to heat or depending on whether he suffers from particular problems such as a cardiovascular problem.

Hot stone massage can be done on a massage table , on the floor or on a bed, but the purchase of stones officially tested for such massage therapy with heat retaining properties is of paramount importance.

A Mediprem cover is recommended to protect the massage table from oil stains that can form when the person being massaged is forced to turn on their back.

What are the benefits of a lava stone massage?

This kind massage is above all a useful massage intended for at relieving tension the entire body by emptying the blocked power pipes gratitude to the heat of the stones. This circulation of energy has the effect of immediately relaxing the body by boosting blood and circulation.