Learn to Protect your Smartphone from Bugging

Almost everyone is using a smartphone in this tech era. We wake up to this and sleep with this. Either we are eating or watching a movie, this device is next to us or in our hands for sure.

If you don’t find your phone for a minute, you panic and restless until you find it. If we observe, almost everyone around us must be something with their phone.

Whether we are travelling in metro or at college or even at home, our family members must be with their small screen.

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We spend most of our day with our phone. Either it is for watching your favourite shows on youtube, paying bills online, booking tickets or taking those selfies at a party, collecting some information, chatting on whatsapp, calling your mom etc, we largely depend on this portable device.

It has become a part of life and it is hard to imagine life without a phone and that to smartphone these days.

We do online transactions, and download apps that we need. We store hundreds of our photos and store our contact list. We talk about personal things over phone.

While we do these things, most of us do not pay enough attention to privacy and security. Though we read on paper and internet and listen to the news about how our data is being stolen, most of us do not have clarity on this subject. When we get some bad news in this regard, we are scared and worried for a moment and then forget. But it is our responsibility to take responsibility to protect our privacy and security while we largely depend on this device.

We must make ourselves well aware of ways how our personal data get stolen and what all precautions we need to take to prevent ourselves from this.

Reading quality articles https://scramblerz.com/my-phone-listening-to-me/  will help us to get knowledge and clarity about these issues. We’ll get to know the steps to take to protect ourselves i.e. what apps not to be downloaded, how to recognise the signals that your phone give when some bugging is happening etc.

Awareness can make us sensitize about the topic. We must take precautions and also help our near ones to do the same. Then only, we can be worry free in using smartphone and take advantage of the technology.