Flowers are still the best gift that you can offer to someone. Flowers are beautiful, inexpensive and have a beautiful way of conveying someone that you care for them. Flower bouquets are the best messengers that you can hire, that can deliver all sorts of messages to the ones you wish to convey.

But in this world of social media, everything needs to be beautiful on the outside. No matter how rare or valuable something is, the presentation is a must to leave a lasting impression.  Therefore, flower bouquets have evolved to meet the current standards of this generation.

Floristique in Singapore is a shop for flower bouquets. The bouquets are uniquely and creatively designed, with rare and precious flowers, valuable and inexpensive in a form that your loved ones will simply adore.

The flower bouquet Singapore can create customized bouquets according to your preference and requirements. The store owner, Wendy, aspires to get you the exact thing that you wish for, even if the flowers you desire are not in season at the very moment.  She tries her very best to recreate the bouquet, the one you have as an image in your mind or from a catalog picture. Floristique is a Singapore bouquet shop whose e-commerce business has helped people send their special ones flowers to portray their affection.

The prices for the flower bouquets range from $70 for simple and classic bouquets and for customized ones, the price goes from$50-$130 which is cheaper than most flower shops these days.


Floristique gives you the most affordable and beautiful flower bouquets in Singapore in an unbeatable, affordable price.