Check Out the Meniscus Repair Surgical Procedure in Singapore

The meniscus is a kind of cartilage which is located in the knee and it plays a major role in cushioning our knee from shock. Patients who have torn meniscus will experience a nagging pain and swelling in their knees. There are countless elderly people who require cartilage repair singapore. The meniscus can be torn by two main ways:

  1. Traumatic Tear

This is mainly caused by injuries to the knee. This can happen anywhere both outdoor playing sports or indoors around the house or workplace. Any kind of car accidents is the main reason behind a torn meniscus.

  1. Degenerative Tear

This particular kind of damage is mainly caused by old age. As a person ages, so does his or her menisci. The cartilage inside and outside of our knee basically wastes away and tear without any trauma or injury. Often elderly people can seldom recall how they tore their menisci.

There are different kinds of surgical procedures to repair a torn meniscus or menisci repair, which are as follows:

  1. Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair

Arthroscopy is a procedure where a small camera is incorporated into the knee joint. The whole surgical procedure is observed on a monitor so that every member of the operating team is aware of the surgery that is being performed. This process is amazingly non-invasive and ensures minimal damage to the muscles, ligaments and tissues than other traditional methods. The benefits of this procedure include small incisions, rapid healing and a faster rate of recovery.