Essay Writing 101: Learn the Stages of Writing Process

Don’t let essay dispirit your confidence when it comes to writing. You know, as long as you have the right information and the correct structures of writing an essay the result would be good and excellent. As for beginners, you just need to educate yourself about the stages and the basics of an essay to make an excellent output.

In order to create an effective and excellent essay output, you need to have a subject or a topic. Do a brainstorming, think of any supporting information and details you should need to create for you to have a clear outline for the subject.

Stages of the Essay Writing Process 

To be honest, managing the writing process into organized chunks of idea will help you to achieve at each stage and plan your schedule to hit your essay deadline.  To help you with this, this article gives you some of the important stages you should learn in order to excel effective results from your essay writing.

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  • Study the Subject: Always be prepared, work out in advance. Prepare a question for the subject, it includes questions such as:
    • o History of the Subject
    • o The use of the Subject
    • o Advantages and Disadvantages of the subject
    • o Supporting details of the subject
    • o Opinions, evidence, and studies which is relevant to the subject
  • Time Management: Create a Timetable Schedule: You must remember the 80-20% rule on the writing process. Remember this formula, 80% for the preparation, 20% for the writing and editing. Always make your essay your priority and ensure that it follows your timetable schedule, so you can still have time for your other commitments.
  • Gather the Important Information and Data: Make a list of the information you need to know or where to get the information from. Jot down any key points in your note and use authorized and legit online references only.
  • Have a Plan: After gathering all the necessary data, start planning for the structure of your essay before starting to write.
  • Create the First Draft: As a writer, always remember that you are writing for your readers, make sure to guide them through the execution of your paragraph. Don’t forget to maintain an academic writing style.
  • Edit the Draft: This is important, proofread your work. Read them aloud and highlight any changes you need to alter, then, get back on the computer to make changes, always save a copy of your first version and just rename the second version.

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