How to choose a good Smart Home Hub

A smart home hub is a hardware device that connects the devices on home automation network and controls the communication between them. The hub is the heart and soul of every smart home. Hub is responsible for connecting all compatible smart home products and make them work together as one team. All you require is to download the hub’s app on your smart phone. Once the app is downloaded with the phone, you can control all your connected smart products through the phone. Hubs permits you to create triggers, set schedule and remotely control the smart appliance even if you are away from home with your phone alone.

How to choose a good smart home Hub:

Choosing a good smart home hub depends on the smart home products you are planning to use. A perfect hub pairs with all your smart products to give an instant access and easy control of all smart devices. Before buying you should consider following things:

  • Connectivity always go for the hub that properly interacts and connect with all the smart products you have. Since, smart products are designed by different companies, they respond to many different protocols, which means they have limited compatibilities with few smart hubs. So, if you have hub manufactured of different company and sensor by different company, there are chances of low or no connectivity. Hence try to go for same brand. Another way of good connectivity is to have a hub with an open software application that allows device manufacture to write software that enable their device to work with multiple hubs. You can also go for hub that supports many protocol types.
  • Compatibility: before purchasing a good smart home hub, always check your devices, whether they are compatible with the hub you want to buy. If the smart devices does not match with the hub, it can be an expensive affair. Always do a proper research of compatibility of device and hub.
  • Interface: the best hub have a user interface that makes it easy to link up your smart home appliance. If an app is the main user interface, always make sure it is compatible with your phone. With all the daily function, smart hub should be able to sync your device together in set scenario, for e.g. – if you walk in the room the, your proximity sensor would signal the lights to turn on and set the thermostat to your preferred temperature.

Just Click Appliances, an online website which explain about various smart home automations and compares different appliances in an unbiased manner says that, choosing the best hub is difficult as the choice depends on the compatibility of the hub with various appliance. There two choices – Wink Hub2 and SmartThings.