Ganesh Ramalingam – Endoscopy specialist Vs charity helper

G&L surgical is the top hospital in Singapore with many leading doctors. This organization has a team of surgeons. Among them Ganesh Ramalingam is the top leading specialist in endoscopy. He has best experience in this field with many cases. All he do is take personal concern towards his patient for a faster recovery. He schedules his day early morning for patients and starts working for them. He does not allow his patient to wait long for his consultation. He schedules his time early in the morning and takes time to consult every patient. After making consultation for out-patient, he proceeds to check out the ward patient. He takes a round to check for their recovery. He works with more interest just to get the gratitude from the patient those who recovered from the illness with his treatment.

Since then he is more interested in helping people. He got into this field to help people and made his passion in helping those in need. It is rare that passion and work getting into the same field. Thus, dr ganesh ramalingam has both in the same and made him to help for those unfortunate people. He leads his charity work with a team of surgeons and others from G&L surgical. He is doing this work of charity from a longer period of time and has helped many to recover from their illness. He will not say no to people in need who comes up with a need. Check out his blog to know more about his profession as doctor and charity worker.