Why you should watch Interstellar at least once?

Interstellar is a science fiction movie released November 5th, 2014. And in my opinion, there are nine good reasons to watch this movie. So, let us look at these reasons. Visit this link to watch movie online.

Obviously for Christopher Nolan

Inception, Dark Knight Trilogy, Insomnia … Just for that.

And then just like Ridley Scott, Michael Bay, Oliver Stone … He has his own cinematographic identity, so much so that it is said that as soon as one character is dark in another film, he is said to have “Nolanisé”.

So suddenly, Nolanized science fiction, what do you think it will give you?

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Because of Matthew McConaughey

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Oscar for best actor, star of True Detective … But little SF film to his credit! He too has his own identity in the cinema. Nolan was right to recruit him in my opinion. The choice is surely not trivial.

Because of Anne Hathaway

A regular Nolan, we saw her in Dark Knight Rises, where her Catwoman performance was excellent. So, seeing her as an Astronaut can do it too. Especially since it seems to play well in the trailer.

After me, I like it because it is good. But that’s my opinion.

 A smart anticipation film

Since the 1970s, humans on Earth have what is called an “ecological debt”. By and large, each year, human consumption exceeds the resources that have been able to renew the Earth. And each year is earlier and earlier, for example, in 2014, it is in mid-August that we exceeded this threshold.

According to some calculations, it would take 1 planet Earth AND HALF to satisfy the needs of humans. At this rate, we left to exhaust the planet forever.

And it is with this threat that starts the pitch of Interstellar, the SUREXPLOITATION of the Earth: in a near future, the Earth ended up becoming bloodless, that is to say, insufficient for the human species. The Earth then decides to send an inhabited flight to a wormhole (sort of “shortcut” in space-time, very serious theory, I advise everyone to go see the Wikipedia page) to then travel impossible distances on the human scale in the hope of finding a colonizable planet for humans. A basic story, certainly, but Nolan sauce, it will be much more than a “simple” science fiction film. It will be a science fiction film “Nolanized”!

 Much more serious than Guardians of the Galaxy

Many people have criticized the total lack of seriousness of the film Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel Studios, which is no other than the world’s largest card for summer 2014 (and maybe of the year but is still in October).

Well, know that you will be spoiled in dramaturgy and in tragedy with this film of SF. Especially with McConaughey. I tried to dig my head but I have never seen him smile in all his roles. Or when he smiled, it was a forced smile, a bit like a buddy swinging a rotten valve and laughing because he hurt you.