Moving Company What to Look For in Reviews

If you remember hiring a moving company, you are doing a disservice by selecting one of the telephone directories without even looking at the online reviews. The Internet has given consumers a valuable voice, people are beginning to realize the potential. Although we are far from being incompetent scammers and we are excluded from the companies only by the power of the written word community, it is certainly a new day for umzug Bern to be held accountable for their actions. When you read online reviews, these are the things you should look for.

Repeats of complaints / compliments

If you rely on online reviews to make a decision, never read one or two. And if there are more, you can safely exclude them (or do something else to keep what they have in mind). No moving company or any customer service umzug Bern company has been able to please anyone at any time. And people who felt hurt are much more likely to be online with their thoughts that they were happy. But if you see many comments and many of them say the same thing, you know you might be right.


Comments that say “not happy” or “very satisfied” really do not go much further. You will also remember that nobody can go anywhere and write a review. This includes the owners of the moving company or its competitors. One of the most common complaints in the industry comes from customers who were surprised by the higher amount when the final counts were compared with the estimate. While this is sometimes the result of an unreliable business doing what they do best, which is often the result of a client, you do not have to foresee what the job entails.

Therefore, everything you read should be taken with a grain of salt. However, finding a review with many interesting and realistic details not only makes it more serious, but also uses specific information for your decision. If you wait until the last minute to begin your search, you will see that your options are quite limited. Start early and follow these four tips will ensure that not only the boys want to do, but the whole process works as well as in their dreams.

Unrealistic expectations

They often see this when they read online reviews of all kinds. The people, many of whom seem to be used by others who are waiting for them, complain that the move arrived two minutes late, the workers did not wear suits and ties, and other ridiculous complaints they might not have. However, if you only observe the star ratings or review the reviews, you can use these ratings very well for your decision. Be sure to read what is actually said and decide for yourself if the complaints are legitimate.