Pax Jax in the game League of Legends

What does every League of Legends player dream about? Well, most certainly one of their dreams is to obtain champions like Pax Jax, Riven or Alistar, gather a unique collection or maybe win a League of Legends tournament. But, winning a tournament is not easy without a great team of champions! Gathering such a team can be very time consuming, requiring a five or six hours a day of devotion to the game and constant playing. Are you prepared for such a sacrifice? Don’t worry, you don’t need to be! is here to support you!

Changing the game

The game League of Legends is constantly being updated, therefore the game’s developers decided to stop updating some of the champions and let them become collectibles! One of those examples is Pax Jax skin in LoL! But his abilities made him one of the most wanted warriors and he still enjoys such a status! His features are:

game League of Legends

-Health: 592.8 (+85/level)

-Health Regeneration: 8.5 (+0.55/level)

-Mana: 338.8

-Mana Regeneration :7.576

-Armor: 36.87(+3/level)

-Magic Protection :32.1 (+1.25/level)

-Damage: 69.97

-Attack Damage :69.97 (+3.375/level)

-Attack speed:  0.638 (+3.4%/level)

-Movement speed 350

There is no need for us to further praise this wonderful warrior, he is very wanted and he is one of the most precious champions a player could have!

How rare is Jax Pax?

This skin is very rare. You cannot find him anywhere, and we are one of the rare ones who can say that they have the skin with all its features.

How much is Jax Pax worth?

Jax Pax was not obtainable in a game at first. Please bear in mind that this skin is a true rarity, and that anyone who is trying to sell it to you at a low price might be trying to cross you over.

How to get Jax Pax?

For the sake of our clients, we have made the purchase very simple. All you have to do is to take a look in our catalogue at, make an order and wait for us to e-mail you the purchase details. Once the purchase has been completed, we will send you the details of your new profile, which you can make safer by following our advise and resetting the password. In just a few steps Jax Pax could be one of your skins. As always, the perks that our clients receive from us are the guarantee on all our profiles, reliable payment methods and many others. Check us out at!