Best Bitcoin Marketing Case Studies

The fruitful marketing of bitcoins appears regularly thanks to innovative organizations that accept installments to open up new specialties. In many institutions, an unusual situation has arisen with the use of биткоин currencies, which further strengthens the economy by providing more opportunities for using digital money. Virtually non-existent payments and the inability to exchange exchanges are a huge advantage for a business where traditional installment payment methods (such as Mastercards) can leave a business with failures.


Here are some institutions that have achieved excellent results by letting Bitcoins tune in as premiums.


Honey bee brothers


Honey Bee Brothers is a company created by three brothers and sisters who recognize honey bees by their nectar growth. After a while, they had more nectar than they knew how to manage, and they started selling it locally. This inevitably led to the fact that when making online purchases, a fee is charged with bitcoin currency, since it does not require any costs and is an extremely safe technology for payment by installments (without the cost of reloading), and since then their business has been developing rapidly. 




It is not clear how the recognition of bitcoins affects Expedia, but they expressed their opinion that they are considering their own assessments of what they expected. Expedia also agreed and exceeded those ratings by offering incredible things to the organization (and Bitcoin).




Dell is an vital PC organization that almost everyone should be satisfied with. Their perception of биткоин was an indicator that he would have made it a standard, or if nothing else had caught the attention of those who usually cling to the possibility of using digital forms of money.