All You Need to Know About Coupons

First, we need to understand what a coupon code does and how it’s applied. Coupon codes are basically discount vouchers that give certain percentages off of your item of purchase. This discount could be in the form of a fixed monetary amount off, or free/discounted shipping rates. These may apply to all items up for sale in an online store, or to specific categories of items alone. Some coupons may require you to make a minimum monetary amount of purchase.Online stores often issue these codes through social media channels, their newsletters, their own websites, or through other promotional websites. Often, discounts are applied to the order automatically at checkout, and at times only by choosing a coupon from a given list of options. A coupon code is generally a mix of letters or numbers that sometimes appears random and at other times spells out portions of words related to the discount it carries.

Advanced Couponing Skills

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How would we know whether a discount was successfully applied or not? How promo codes are handled during checkout differs vastly from store to store. Many stores also help you find the appropriate coupons applicable to your order if the one you’ve chosen isn’t eligible for the same. Even if they don’t, most stores at least display a message stating that your purchase is ineligible for the chosen discount.So, how to know whether a coupon is working or not? Many times, a coupon code might not work due to the restrictions or exemptions placed on it.

  • Exclusions – Even if a code doesn’t initially specify upfront what items it applies to, there usually are at least a few exclusions. Those coupons that are applicable site-wide come with a clear-cut and specific tagline of being applied as such. Sometimes, coupons don’t discount certain brands because of manufacturer restrictions. Some coupons might also exclude entire categories (e.g. sale and clearance items/items with special pricing). Many free shipping coupons may exclude heavy or difficult to transport items.
  • Restrictions – If the online store you are shopping at has a feature called a ‘Marketplace’, that is, it has other sellers listed on the website, all coupons may not apply to all items. In such cases, coupons only apply to items that the store sells directly.
  • Expired Codes – A code would also not work if it has crossed its validity period. Make sure to check the expiry date before applying a coupon code to avail a discount.

Once you decide on what code to use, it can usually be applied by typing it or copy-pasting it into a box provided for the same at the time of checkout. However, one should be careful not to place an order accidentally before entering the code.